eXact Contacts For Act!


Access Act! on your iPhone or iPad with the eXact Contacts for Act! app.

RTG is the only Act! Cloud Hosting Provider that also provides a Mobile Sync App for free.

Improve your productivity by accessing your Act! database from your iPhone or iPad on the go!

eXact Contacts for Act!, created by the developers at Remote Tech Group, offers the same high quality experience our cloud hosting clients receive. eXact Contacts for Act! syncs seamlessly with your existing Act! database, allowing you to access your contacts, events, and notes away from your computer. Even better, eXact Contacts for Act! does not charge users a monthly fee so it is an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.


Features include:


  • Contacts: Add, Edit, Delete
  • Activities: Add, Edit
  • Notes: Add, Edit
  • Histories: Add, Edit
  • Supports up to 50 custom fields
  • Ability to email Contacts, recording email in history
  • Multiple Act! Databases
  • Network Sync, no cables required
  • Advanced Lookups
  • Contact Simple Search
  • Easy list filtering
  • Column sorting
  • New record defaults and preferences
  • Activity Alarms
  • Schedule activities with Contacts
  • Schedule activities for other users
  • View other users’ calendars
  • One Time Purchase if you are not hosted with RTG $69.99 Buy Now


We are proud to offer a multitude of features and functionalities not offered by other iPhone and iPad applications, making eXact Contacts for Act! the most robust solution on the market.


Visit us in the Apple App Store to download eXact Contacts for Act! today.


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